Christopher Adams (Sr. Dir. Formulation Development, Aveva Drug Delivery Systems)

Ken has assisted our company in resolving significant technical challenges and worked seamlessly with our technical and management teams. Ken’s broad and extensive experience in the area of drug product development is evident, and I can highly recommend him.


Dr. Miller’s expert analysis of the issues presented in our pharmaceutical litigation were extremely thorough and on-point. He delivered a high-quality and compelling report that was complemented by other experts in the case.

Product Development Manager

[We had a] very positive working experience with you and your expert advice/knowledge on transdermals was very helpful for us.

Andrew Kelly, Esq (Odom & Des Roches, LLC)

We retained Ken as a pharmaceutical manufacturing expert for litigation purposes. His work was stellar, providing wise counsel to the attorneys in the review of extremely technical documents, drafting an outstanding report, testifying at deposition, and preparing for trial. We reached an excellent settlement on the eve of trial due in no small part to Ken’s compelling testimony regarding the capacity of the plant in question. His mastery of patch technology was invaluable to us.

Keith Brain (CEO of An-eX)

After twenty years of working with Ken I still have not found anyone else with such an excellent combination of a solid grasp of the complexity of topical and transdermal drug delivery and the real world constraints of effective drug development.

Ken worked to QBD before they invented the term!

Paul Lehman (VP at QPS)

I first met Ken when he joined Dr. Thomas Franz and me at our research laboratory in Little Rock, AR in 1995. He brought an enthusiasm and work ethic that was infectious to the rest of us. In the lab, Ken was instrumental in developing semi-solid release testing methodology on Franz Diffusion Cells when the concept was still unknown to most others. His transition into academia, and then into industry demonstrated his initiative for growth to become a leading expert in transdermal drug delivery and topical pharmacokinetics. Ken has a unique ability to identify and bring to light the core issues that need resolution for product development and advancement. Certainly an asset to any team.

Manish Munjal (Prin. Sci. at Frontage Labs)

Dr. Ken Miller is a highly experienced technical leader with vast expertise and excellent scientific judgment. I was glad to have him as my mentor at IGI Labs and learn out-of-the-box formulation and process development techniques from him. He is one of the most intelligent individuals I have come across, who has a great command on his communication skills. He is easily approachable, and inspires people to think creatively and scientifically. Ken is a kind of person who ‘walks the talk’ a trait rare to find these days. He is a gem of a person and the kind of mentor one would aspire. It has been a privilege to know and work with Ken, and extract as much knowledge from him as possible from his distinguishing career. Any company would be fortunate to have him lead them to success.

Project Leader (Leading Pharmaceutical Company)

We were completely satisfied!  More specifically, we appreciated:

  • Your thoroughness in reviewing documentation
  • Your willingness to “cross-over” from CMC to clinical and preclinical areas
  • Your strong follow-up and control competencies in terms of producing slide decks, distilling information down to a review friendly format and your willingness to discuss broader topics around patch development, such as CMO selection choices
  • The COGs feedback we got was impressive – very detailed and relevant, helping us to ballpark certain decisions at key times
  • Your support with ideas around irritancy studies was very helpful
  • Your experience regarding historical patch development was useful to the team

We DO know where to find you…and I hope to be in fact looking for you soon.

Audra Stinchcomb (CEO of F6 Pharma)

I have worked with Ken Miller on drug in adhesive projects and have invited him to give talks in his area of expertise. He is a veteran expert in the details of adhesive formulation work and manufacturing scale-up science, and I highly recommend him for this technical expertise.

Program Development Executive (Biotech Company)

I was very happy with your work helping us evaluate dermal opportunities.

Matt Davidson (CEO Verrica Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

Ken did a quick consulting project for us and did a fantastic job. He truly understands his space and was able to quickly put together an action plan, rough budget and timeline. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in the topical patch space.

VP Pharmaceutical Development (Biopharmaceutical Company)

I thought your help was great and I would be glad to recommend your help to others!

Pharmaceutical R&D Manager

Ken Miller is truly a technical expertise with enriched knowledge and a problem solver. His scientific insights/scientific hypothesis in solving every scientific challenge in transdermal delivery is remarkable. His extensive experience in various disciplines in dermatological research with a unique talent is an indispensable asset. 

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